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The Rock To Produce & Star In Teddy Bear Movie?, Trent Baretta Discusses WWE Release

- The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that The Rock will potentially team with Beau Flynn and Hiram Garcia to produce a film called Teddy Bear. You can read the full details at this link.

- SLAM! Wrestling has an article online featuring Trent Baretta discussing his WWE release. Below is an excerpt:

"Luckily I wasn't driving to the show with everyone at the time, it was just me when I got the call" Baretta told SLAM! Wrestling backstage in Calgary in his first print interview since his release. "I totally saw it coming. I was on the road doing pretty good, I thought I was improving constantly and then I tore my tricep. I was out six months and was ready to get back to it and was sent to FCW practice. So I was like, 'Ohh, something's up. This isn't good.'"

"As far as headlining the house show that doesn't mean anything. I am buddies with Dolph and his little brother and they wanted me to be part of it. It wasn't like the office was like, 'We need Trent.' It was Dolph saying, 'Let's have him involved.' It isn't about how good of a wrestler you are. It is more about what your character is and they weren't buying what I was selling them as a character; that is why I am gone. It isn't that they thought I was a bad wrestler; they just weren't happy with my character."

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

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