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Even More On The Rock At Wrestlemania 32 - Will He Wrestle?

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The Rock

On Monday, The Rock announced on his social media platforms that he will be appearing at Wrestlemania 32 next year in Arlington, Texas. We noted in our initial coverage that it was unknown if Rock would just be appearing or actually working a match.

In a further update, we explained how Vince McMahon remained persistent on getting Rock on the show and while they were moving forward without him earlier this month, they were willing to reshuffle the lineup if they could get him on it.

I’m told a decision about The Rock working hasn’t been reached. It’s in The Rock’s contract for a film that he is shooting next spring that if he participates in any impact sport that results in injury that requires time off, the contract will be void. Remember Rock suffered a serious injury while working John Cena at Wrestlemania 29 and many believed that could be the last time he would compete for WWE.

However, The Rock has been able to get clearance to work before and given his stroke, he could get it again. Those close to Rock believe he will want to wrestle in hopes of helping WWE break the attendance record at AT&T Stadium. We can't say for sure that any of the preliminary plans for Wrestlemania 32 have been altered after The Rock’s announcement. We’ll continue to follow and update when one is available.

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