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The Story of Adam Hangman Page in AEW and where it could go

Adam Hangman Page career in AEW has been a wild one. Page was the young talent looking for a future in AEW and his primary goal was the AEW Championship. Hangman Page made a shocking debut at the AEW Casino Battle Royale and won the Battle Royale which gave him the opportunity at the AEW Championship at ALL OUT. His opponent though was no other than Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho defeated Kenny Omega in which gave him an houropportunity at the AEW Championship at ALL OUT. Unfortauently, Hangman Page didn't succeed and lost to the inaugural AEW Champion Chris Jericho. This began the downfall of Adam Hangman Page.

The Downfall of Adam Page: Hangman Page will go down on this depressed mood and will start to begin drinking. His drinking will be the only way to cope with how he has been in AEW. Hangman felt like he was weak. He felt like everyone was above him. For example, The Elite. Hangman felt that Kenny, Cody, and The Bucks were above him and better than him. That's when Hangman wanted nothing to do with them anymore and wanted to ride solo. That didn't work out and he found himself in a tag team with his Elite member Kenny Omega. Hangman did not like this. In the beginning, Hangman and Kenny clearly did not get along in-ring. They were out of sync, Hangman wanted it to win all by himself, and the push and shoves. Over time they got better and better with each other and wreaked havoc in the AEW tag division in which they landed on an AEW Tag Team Championship opportunity against SCU. They beat SCU and gained the AEW Tag Team Championships. But Hangman was still in his drinking addiction and tried avoiding the Young Bucks the best he could. He wanted nothing to do with Matt and Nick Jackson. 

The Future of The Hangman: The Young Bucks managed to win the Tag Team Battle Royal in which granted them an AEW Tag Team Championship match against Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page. Kenny Omega was excited but the Hangman clearly was not. He felt like the Young Bucks always want to overshine him. He wanted to be something but the people in the Elite are preventing him from doing that. Well, Hangman and Kenny walked in as Tag Team Champions and they walked out as Tag Team Champions. They delivered an emotional and hard-hitting tag team match against the Young Bucks. After the match, Hangman Page looked like he was going to hit the Buckshot Lariat on Kenny Omega but that wasn't the case. Now, where I see this going is Adam Hangman Page turning heel on Kenny Omega. He will brutalize Kenny Omega and release all that anger he's been holding since ALL OUT upon Kenny Omega.

I believe it will be Kenny Omega vs Hangman Adam Page at Double or Noting May 23rd at the MGM Grand Arena

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