The Undertaker Not Out Of The Plans For Wrestlemania 29


To follow-up on The Undertaker, he's still a possibility for Wrestlemania 29.

As we reported on Monday, he was in Nashville (the site of this week's Monday Night Raw) to meet with Vince McMahon and Triple H to work out a deal to get him on the pay-per-view. Undertaker wasn't seen backstage but that doesn't mean a meeting didn't take place.

At this point we do not have details of the meeting but are hearing that Undertaker is definitely not out of plans for Wrestlemania. There is still talk about him working a match against CM Punk at the show to defend his undefeated streak for a 21st time.

While most are reporting Undertaker working is contingent on his health, we've heard it's over money. Undertaker isn't 100% healthy and probably won't be for the remainder of his in-ring career but he's been holding firm over an amount he is seeking to work the pay-per-view.

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