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Third Report: WWE Smackdown House Show Results (4/12/12) - Dublin, Ireland

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Wrestling News World reader Matthew Macklin attended yesterday's WWE Smackdown from Dublin, Ireland and sent in the following report:

The building seemed to be very close to full suprisingly. Lilian Garcia was the ring announcer for the evening.

1. The Great Khali def. Jinder Mahal
This was absolutely tedious from start to finish. It was far too long, and Khali should be given a one way ticket back to India. Khali who could barely walk, Won after the chop and Khali bomb

2. Alberto Del Rio def. Yoshi Tatsu
This was quick. I'd say it was less than two minutes. Del Rio won with the armbar.

Del Rio then got on the mic and did the usual anti Ireland promo that happens at every show until he was interrupted by Ezekiel Jackson. People didn't know what was happening here as Zeke came out and chased Alberto away until the ref rang the bell.

3. Alberto Del Rio def. Ezekiel Jackson
Nothing special. Del Rio won with the armbar. I'm not exactly sure what the point of the two matches were.

4. William Regal & Tyson Kidd def. Hunico and Camacho
This was fantastic! I loved this match. Beforehand Regal got on the mic and said he used to look for boos in Dublin as an English villain, but his time he was having one more go with "a body like a badly made bed". Regal pulled out some old school British tricks. Kidd was great here, as the match went on the Tyson chants got louder and louder. Camacho is actually pretty solid in the ring. This match went long enough and built to the it tag to Regal nicely. Regal got the pin on Camacho after the running knee trembler.

5. Intercontinental Championship
Big Show def. Cody Rhodes
Cody cut a great promo before the match saying how he was the future and despite loosing his bags at the airport he had one bag big enough to hold the title belt. The match was more or less the same as the wrestlemania match except slightly longer. Show won with the knock out punch.


6. AJ def. Natalya
Hornswoggle was the ref. Lots of Yes chants for AJ. This was a decent match by women's standards with some nice counters and pinning combinations. AJ got the pin with a roll up after a distraction from Hornswoggle.

7. Street Fight
Randy Orton def. Mark Henry
Mark Henry was. Terrorised with Sexual Chocolate chants all match long. Orton got a huge reaction. It was a good match with a chair and kendo stick being used. Orton won with the RKO.

8. World heavyweight Championship
Sheamus def. Daniel Bryan
There were some Yes chants for Bryan during his entrance. The reaction Sheamus got coming out was monstrous to say the least. He really was treated like a hero making his homecoming. It took several minutes for the crowd to die down so the match could begin. Sheamus was close to tears at one point. There were some deafening Ole Ole chants throughout the match. The match itself was superb. Bryan was brilliant! The match was fairly long and had a few nice false finishes towards the end. Sheamus won after the Brogue Kick.

He then got on the mic and said the World Title was for the people of Ireland. Overall it wasn't a great show. The Sheamus stuff saved it from being a complete disaster.

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