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"Thrilled" McMahon To Have A Role In The Donald Trump Administration?

Linda McMahon

Linda McMahon was in attendance at Donald Trump’s victory party in New York on Tuesday and tweeted out a selfie after he was elected President of the United States:


— Linda McMahon (@Linda_McMahon)

What a night! Thrilled to congratulate my friend, President-Elect Donald Trump on a hard-fought campaign and victory.

— Linda McMahon (@Linda_McMahon) November 9, 2016

">November 9, 2016

During the campaign, Linda McMahon donated six million dollars in August and September to the Rebuilding America Now super PAC supporting Donald Trump. Her contributions accounted for a third of the $18 million in donations the super PAC received last quarter.

While she ran as a Republican for the United States Senate out of the state of Connecticut twice and lost, despite spending $100 million, she has remained politically active. Given her contributions in helping elect Trump and the relationship between the Trump family and McMahon family, we wouldn’t be surprised if she is given some type of position in the Trump administration.

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