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Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down: TLC Edition

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We are just hours removed from the last WWE PPV of the year and quite frankly a show that may have exceeded my expectations. For the first edition of "Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down" I will be taking a look at TLC and what I thought of each match and/or segment. Let's kickoff this debut edition by looking at the pre-show match.

Andrade vs. Humberto (Post match potential Zelina Split) 
This match was everything you want in a kick-off match. Lots of action, fast paced and a tone setter for the main card. This match saw Andrade get bloody, Humberto continue to showcase his amazing offensive attack and the continued teasing that Zelina and Andrade are finished. Humberto picked up the win and after the match Andrade walked away from Zelina and she followed after him.

Thumbs UP

Before the show started we got alot of promo packages from the kick-off panel as well the announcement the women's TLC match would kick off the show. Not only did they NOT kick off the show but they main evented. (12:45)

Thumbs DOWN for not providing accurate information.

The New Day vs. The Revival (Smackdown Tag Title Ladder Match)
These two teams continue to show why they are considered two of the best in the world. The amount of psychology used in this match alone was an instant thumbs up. As I tweeted during the show the fact they fought to get the ladder into the ring is a lost art in ladder matches. The finish was great and every man showed up and delivered. Kudos to both teams and Kudos to Kofi for one hell of a year. (19:20)

Thumbs UP

Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy

Quite possibly the match of the night and the image of Black hitting the black mass with a bloodied face and a broken nose may do him wonders. Both men showed why they are great pieces of the future of WWE and Black to another step forward to shining as a star. He has all the tools to be a main eventer, he needs some more extensive promo's but on this night he stood out. (13:45)

Thumbs UP

The Vikings Raiders Open Challenge (Answered by The O.C.)
One thing everyone in wrestling loves is a good ole fashioned surprise, unless that surprise doesn't meet SOME form of your expectations. Many people believed we may get the return of The Usos in this spot, so when The O.C. appeared with their giant trophy they were let down a bit. I'm all for these two teams feuding and I understand the count out finish, I just felt there was a much better way for this all to be done. (8:30)

Thumbs DOWN for not meeting surprise expectations and delivering a non-finish

King Corbin vs. Roman Reigns (TLC Match)
I stated on the podcast that I believe King Corbin should be the winner of this match however a slightly different finish. The WWE continues to use Roman Reigns to put over others in these spots and Corbin is a really good heel to invest in. My favorite part of this was the ending, Dolph Ziggler and The Revival helped Corbin win this match and I hope they put these four together. Feel free to name this Royal Horseman group however I feel it makes all 4 men feel bigger. As for Reigns I still expect him to be in a major feud going into WrestleMania just not the same one that others want him to be in, just to hate him again. (22:20)

Thumbs UP

Bray Wyatt vs. The Miz (With post match Daniel Bryan return)
Kudos to WWE and the superstars for everything about this match and segment. This was done to absolute perfect from the entrance of Bray, to the intensity of Miz and all the way down to The Fiend speaking to Bray after his win to destroy The Miz. Wyatt understand this character fully and The Miz was a perfect person for "Bray Wyatt's" first match. After the match Daniel Bryan emerged looking like the American Dragon of old and instantly I felt like I was in December 2013 all over again. Bryan has once again found that magic connection with the crowd and once again he is the most beloved babyface in the company. In my opinion he MUST be the one to slay The Fiend. (6:40)

Thumbs UP

Bobby Lashley vs. Rusev
Say what you will about this story line, say what you will about Lana's acting or the fact that the details of this story is a bit off, it is working. The crowd was absolutely behind Rusev 100% and wanted him to win this match. Kudos to Lashley for saving the finish after a non table break and then an instant overhead throw of Rusev through a table behind Lashley. I feel this angle is working, I feel Rusev will look the best he ever has after this angle AND I feel this angle should continue even longer. I need MORE gimmicks with this feud, including but not limited too a wedding between Lashley and Lana. (13:30)

Thumbs UP

The Kabuki Warriors vs. CharLynch (Women's Tag Team Titles)
This match shouldn't have main evented this show. The Fiend vs. The Miz should have main evented with the return of Daniel Bryan being the final thing we saw. It's not that the women don't deserve it however I don't feel it was the biggest angle or match of the show. However that's not on them, it was clear at some point in this match something went wrong with Kairi Sane. Many believe during the botched chair throw spot it hit her in the head, some believe a monitor hit her and others believe it was a becksploder, regardless something happened. The match was clunky and never really hit a groove. I did like Asuka and Kairi tying Becky to the ladder, I did like Charlotte just throwing people around however this wasn't the spot for this match and it didn't deliver. (26:00)

Thumbs DOWN for not delivering a main event quality match.

The continued brawl backstage between all the superstars, featuring Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin. I understand it was to begin the hype of the Royal Rumble and I did like the final spot but felt it lacked that MOMENT to make it worthwhile.

Thumbs DOWN

This show grades out with 6 Thumbs UP and 4 Thumbs DOWN, I did enjoy the show and was never turned off by anything on it. This show get's a passing grade and feel the high point in the show was Bryan and Wyatt. This show did give me enough to invest into Raw and Smackdown this week. For Raw I want to know what's next with Rusev and Lashley, who will challenge Becky next, and what's next for Aleister Black?

On Smackdown I want to know if the Royal Horseman will be a one off thing or an actual faction, who steps up next for New Day now that The Revival have lost again and of course what is next in the feud of Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt. 

What were your thoughts on the show? What are you most looking forward to? Let me know on my Twitter account @awesomephinatic, also please checkout my weekly podcast RAWVIEWS on Podbean and also on this website.

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