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Timeline Of Big Cass Being Terminated


Thomas Fenton Reports:

As everyone knows Big Cass was released by WWE ‪on Tuesday afternoon‬. Below is the time line of events that lead to the termination, and the final events on Sunday backstage at Money in the Bank that sealed it.

May 1st:
While doing a walkthrough for Smackdown, Cass was told he was going to give a big boot to a little person who was portraying Daniel Bryan. Cass asked if he could rough him up a little more than just a boot, officials told him no. Prior to going on air, Big Cass asked Vince McMahon personally if he could rough up the little person more than just the boot. Vince told him no and that officials told him no, one boot and thats it. Cass went out and roughed up the little person way more than just the big boot even after officials at first said no and Vince said no after.

May 6th:
At the Backlash event, Big Cass complained to anyone that would listen that he should not be losing to Daniel Bryan, and was very vocal.

May 8th:
Big Cass was rubbing people the wrong way for weeks backstage with his political views and being out spoken in regards to them. Now this is not one of those "this is what I believe, debate me" situations, this is one of those "if you disagree with me this will escalate quickly" type of conversations.

May 18th:
During the European tour, Cass was rubbing people the wrong way the entire time. Cass was often drinking heavily during the tour and making others upset. This all culminated on that date when Cass broke a bathroom door on the bus on the 18th because he thought he was being ribbed and locked in the bathroom. It was almost the final straw.

May 29th:
Big Cass was added to the triple threat match on Smackdown vs. Samoa Joe and Bryan. Backstage Big Cass complained he got stiffed during the match.

June 12th:
Big Cass was only featured during a backstage segment. Big Cass had even more heat on him for doing some heavy drinking the previous days and having gotten in it with several fans while out and about.

June 17th:
Once arrived at Money In The Bank and looking at the Big Board, Big Cass complained to anyone that would listen that he should not be losing again and he is a star. Cass goes under to Bryan at the show, and Cass gets backstage and continues to complain and even makes the comment, “Well Bryan made me look bad." Cass did not stay for the rest of the show and went back to the hotel.

June 19th:
Cass was told he had ‪a 2pm‬ meeting with Vince McMahon and officials while in Toledo for Smackdown, this is when Big Cass was terminated from the company. The company also made it known publicly, on, that they have released him just after ‪3pm‬ EST. WWE did not say their usual " We have came to terms on the release of Big Cass and wish him the best of luck in his feature endeavors". WWE instead just simply put said " WWE has released Big Cass."

If nothing else, you should understand the release statement, and that should say it all.

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