Titus O'Neil Dating Celebrity, Paul Heyman On CM Punk's Greatness


Titus O'Neil Dating Celebrity

People.com is reporting that Celebrity Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault is dating Titus O'Neil. Manigault was previously engaged to actor Michael Clark Duncan, who died last year following complications from a heart attack.

Heyman on CM Punk's Greatness

Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald has a new article online featuring quotes from Paul Heyman. Below is an excerpt:

“When CM Punk sat down on the stage and dropped a ‘pipe bomb’,” Heyman said. “I think at that moment just by the reaction from the audience and from the passionate response, not just from online, but from every measure of indication that this truly got the message across. I would totally suggest to you CM Punk’s oratory skill is what WWE noticed, and he happened to be a great wrestler to back it up. If CM Punk was a terrible wrestler, and he delivered that promo, people will still notice him. WWE would say, ‘This guy is a main eventer. It just so happens he can back it up in the ring.’”

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