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Was TJ Perkins Upset With WWE Hell In A Cell Main Event?

TJ Perkins

TJ Perkins had an interesting conversation with followers on Twitter about rumors of him upsetting people behind the scenes over something he tweeted (and deleted) about Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks closing WWE Hell in a Cell. Here’s the play-by-play:

Twitter user @sevenzero5: So what do you make of these recent rumors about you ruffling some feathers behind the scenes?

TJ Perkins: No idea. Everyone is really nice to me at work, especially my peers and my bosses, even the big boss. Ppl make stuff about me all the time with the hopes that others will find me less appealing.

Twitter user @SaifQuadri: are you mad that Sasha and Charlotte main-evented Hell In A Cell, taking away that opportunity from the male wrestlers?

TJ Perkins: Not at all. Spent time talking w/Sasha in LA b4 the RAW main, they killed it. Same w/HIAC. Spoke w/Lita that I predict same at a future WM. Sadly ppl like to tear down good things. Kinda like "peers being upset" about my life story. Everyone was super cool & supportive. Not upset… I'm not really familiar with that stuff. Seeing as how openly social/supportive I am with my female peers it seems like odd news to buy into

The line about “peers being upset” about his story came from a report that I believe was attributed to Dave Meltzer, which noted that some wrestlers didn’t like his “nothing from something” story because many indie guys live in poverty trying to make it in the business. I’m paraphrasing but I believe that was the gist of the backstage resentment. As for the validity, anyone that has success in WWE, is subject to intense criticism. It’s bound to happen whenever match outcomes are pre-determined as naturally workers feel they are the ones worthy of the spot and not the other guy.

Perkins is the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Champion and became full time after winning the WWE Cruiserweight Classic in September. He’ll be one of the premiere names on WWE’s new Live 205 series on the WWE Network.

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