TMZ Asks The Rock About Wrestlemania


TMZ has a new video of The Rock online that was filmed Wednesday in New York City. In it, the photog asked Rock if he was coming back for Wrestlemania.

Rock said, "I don't think so. I might get hit in the mouth."

You can watch the video embedded below:

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The Rock -- NO-GO FOR WRESTLEMANIA ... Can't Afford to Mess Up This Face!
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There's nothing to see here. Rock causally brushed off the question but has shed much more light on this situation in previous media interviews. In fact, Rock has said he has a verbal agreement for one more match in WWE. We know 100% that Vince McMahon is highly interested in having Rock work Wrestlemania 31 next year, however, a deal is not in place as of press time.

It should be noted that movie studios do not like The Rock wrestling for obvious reasons and while it's certainly possible that film projects play into his decision whether or not to wrestle again, these comments in New York City to the TMZ photog mean next to nothing.

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