TNA Executive Claims They've Surpassed WWE In The UK & Germany

TNA Wrestling

TNA executive vice president of licensing and international TV distribution Andy Barton was recently in India on a promotional tour along with Kurt Angle and Gail Kim. While there, he was interviewed by IndianTelevision.com. Below are the highlights:

  • The article opened by claiming TNA had emerged as a "strong competitor" to WWE, drawing suspect to the piece's credibility.
  • Barton discussed the importance of building a brand in India with WWE airing in the country for 15 years. He admitted WWE has a substantial lead over TNA but for every Home Depot there needs to be a Lowes.
  • Barton claimed TNA has surpassed WWE in the United Kingdom and Germany, saying their show is watched by more people in comparison week in and week out.
  • He talked about Ring Ka King and said TNA opened a wrestling school in India.
  • Barton reiterated the company's commitment to international growth.

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