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More On TNA's Return To Universal, Live PPV On 4/27, WWE Reaches Out To Viacom

- There is a lot of relief within TNA that they were able to secure taping dates from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida for later this year. This was a deal that was just agreed upon this week and hinged on numerous factors. There is no-long term lease in place but this will prevent the company from being forced to tape television on the road. It will be interesting to see how the theme park being back in play as a potential location for the physical WWE Hall of Fame plays out. The stumbling block last year was exclusivity and should WWE get that exclusivity, TNA would obviously have to do something else.

- TNA has a live pay-per-view scheduled for Sunday, April 27, 2014 from Universal Studios that will precede a set of Impact tapings. Details regarding the pay-per-view are unknown as of press time but the night before, they'll tape a "One Night Only" show to be carried later in the year.

- I've been keeping tabs on TNA's deal with Spike TV and ran a lengthy exclusive here on Their deal is up in October 2014, which is the same time the new domestic WWE TV agreement will begin. What seems to be flying under the radar is the fact WWE is believed to have reached out to or met with representatives from Viacom (something we've mentioned and Variety also reported). If WWE and NBC Universal (their current partner) do not reach an agreement by February 14, 2014, WWE will be able to shop with another conglomerate such as Viacom. WWE will select their media partner(s) by March 4, 2014 so obviously TNA will know where they stand with Spike TV before their deal is up.

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