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Tom Reacts To Survivor Series with Some Backstage News


Brock vs. AJ

-Vince loved the Brock/AJ match as it had a logic behind the size difference and made it believable. While the match was one of Brock's longer matches and had a few spots that were a little sloppy (The blown tornado DDT, as well as Brock almost losing balance on a powerslam). It was also Brock's fastest-paced match in years. In my opinion, this was also Brock's best wrestling match he has had in a very long time. The storytelling was very well done and you felt AJ had a real chance of winning at times. The finish saw AJ coming off the top rope and going for the phenomenal forearm that was caught in the F5 for the pin. As we said before, Brock was very excited about working with AJ. Brock knew he could have a great match, it would be easy on his body, and that AJ would take care of him. Much of the match was laid out by Heyman and AJ, then approved without edit. It's easy to tell who Brock is excited to work with and who he is just "collecting his check" with based on how well he is selling. If Brock likes someone or feels they are worthy he will go out of his way to make the other person look good during the match. AJ worked on the legs and left knee for most of his offense in the match and Brock sold the knee from the second hold went on until the match ended and limped all the way up the ramp. I don't feel AJ losing clean to Brock will hurt him much as he looked good in the loss. Coming off as a legitimate threat to Brock Lesnar still makes wrestlers look good. In addition to that, 1 month ago AJ lost clean to Corbin on Smackdown in a United States Title match only to win the WWE Championship 3 weeks later. If they choose to have AJ's title run continue or if Jinder wins the title back is not just yet known, WWE hasn't made a final decision as of this writing.

Main Event

-The introductions for the main event was the first time on the show that the color coordination did not bother me. It wasn't just, "let's toss everyone in WWE shop Smackdown shirts!" For the most part, it was each worker's normal ring attire in a different color which made it much less awkward and forced and felt it was a good touch.

-The situational matchups and teases towards the first third of the match were intriguing and done very well. Many guys going 1 on 1 we have never seen before. This, however, is where the main event fell off a cliff and is indefensible. I'm beyond questioning, as a matter of fact, I'm calling it flat out stupid that Nakamura was eliminated first. This is a guy that is another 50/50 guy right now, that upper mid-card guy that fans get behind, yet he is no longer protected. When he pinned Cena a few months back it should have been the beginning of his big push as a main eventer and then a title run, instead it's 50/50 and start-stop. The next elimination we have Braun eliminating Bobby. I don't have as much of an issue with this, but from the day Roode was called up they had zero plans for Roode after a Dolph program and it shows. To have Bobby come up as a face, instead of a heel, because his entrance music was over was clearly the wrong move. The next elimination came with Cena hitting an AA on Joe, this one didn't bother me as much as the rest.

However, the next 2 eliminations had me to the point of asking are we being ribbed. Cena takes Finn's Coup De Gras, one would think let's push this one star and give him the rub...NOPE, then angle pins Cena only to have Orton pin Finn a minute later. Let's forget the Finn part for a moment, why was John brought in to do this match only to be eliminated that early? Let's move on to Finn, it is a very similar situation with Nakamura. It is the start-stop, 50/50 booking that kills any credibility of these newer workers to WWE in getting over. It is not "well they just can't get over"...No, it is the horrendous choices and decision making that is stopping the WWE from having any new stars! My mind is blown at the decisions at this point in the match. Now at this point in the match Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens come out to do a number on Shane, yet Shane annihilated both of them with chairs and Orton hits Owens with an RKO for good measure...WAIT what?! More talent being made to look like mid-carders. How much of this plays into what happened overseas with the two of them? I'm not sure, however, it was horrendous. Braun then pins Orton with another powerslam and it is down to Shane vs. Braun, Angle, and Triple H. So we've got a 48-year-old Kurt Angle along with a 48-year-old Triple H vs. The 47-year-old commissioner who is also the boss's son. At this point, I'm at a loss of words and then Triple H pedigrees Angle, rolls Shane on top of Angle to eliminate him only so that Triple H could pedigree Shane and pin him to have his music played and be victorious. What year am I living in right now?! Braun and Hunter then get into it with Braun hitting Hunter with the running powerslam not once but twice to end the show. This was a match that started off too well and had intrigue and absolutely turned into a complete disaster of another Triple H at the top and a McMahon feud.

The Rest of the Show

-Shield vs. New Day opened the show, the match was good crowd loved Roman in the Shield and still hates him when he is out there doing spots on his own. Match went a little too long, however, it was a good opener for the show. Shield goes over with the Super Triple Powerbomb.
Ambrose was looked at backstage after the match but it seems to just be nagging injuries built up over how much he has worked over the last year nothing major.

-Usos went over The Bar in a great match, the Usos have had great match after great match all year. The announcers got an edict from Vince to use the term "Super Kick Party." Why? Because Vince is still petty and upset from the Bullet Club "invasion" of Raw.

-Women's Survivor Series match showcased some of the greats in the Women's Division and some of the absolute worst I have seen in a WWE in a long long time. The 2 minutes of Alicia and Naomi was a train wreck with blown spot after blown spot. They made the right call with Asuka prevailing strong and being the Sole Survivor of her team. Producers were nervous backstage during the train wreck part that one was going to end up getting hurt. Neither women were injured, which was a miracle.

-The Miz vs. Corbin match was what it was. They showed their social media taunts before the match which seemed to get Miz over as a face, however, with Corbin's nuclear heat anyone would have gotten at least some of a face reaction. Producers were not thrilled with how this match came across, but I'm not sure what they were expecting between those two workers.

-Charlotte went over Alexa clean in a match that was fine. They pushed hard at how meaningful this match meant to the Women's Division. Flair is a star period. She comes across as a star and even more when compared to other. While Alexa is a star on Raw, I don't feel fans see them in the same light.

We will have much more on this in my audio update with more backstage news and updates.

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