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Tommy Dreamer Discusses Drinking Undertaker's Tobacco Spit

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Tommy Dreamer

Under the Mat Radio hosted Tommy Dreamer for an interview where he commented on a number of issues. One of them was when he drank Undertaker’s tobacco spit, below is an excerpt:

“Yeah it was gross, it was real, I got $7,000 to do it and I got to wrestle the Undertaker 3 to 4 times. So I think anyone might do the same. Yeah that was rough and it was LIVE. The Scaffold Match back in the day was pretty crazy for 1. Sandman made it 2. I’m scared of heights 3. Brian Lee choked me with the electrical power from the entire building and after the match the guy told his that he is not sure how we were not electrocuted to death on the top of that scaffold. The scaffold swayed I don’t know I’ve done a lot of crazy things…”

You can read the interview at this link.

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