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Tom's Tidings: FREE PREMIUM The Reason Behind Surprising Austin Aries Release

Austin Aries

Today WWE announced the shocking release of Austin Aries. Austin asked for his release from the company in the beginning of the month. Aries was unhappy with his place in the company, the utilization of him or lack thereof. Aries wanted to be happy with his last years left in the ring and simply was not. WWE granted his release on Wednesday obviously as they normally do and ran it Friday around 5 pm est. As of writing it is unknown if it was granted with any clause of a no compete.

Zack Reacts: This news is surprising and yet not surprising also. Aries was brought in and shoved into the CWD to help keep it alive, but being sent to save a failing division isn't an easy task. I will say that while Aries is talented, there are always dues that need to be paid. Remember that even Sting and AJ Styles lost their first feuds in the WWE and their first WrestleMania matches. I know that it might not be right, but it's how things are. I completely get Austin's mentality; why be a bit of a lower midcarder in my last few years of my career when he'd be in the uppercard in another company. However, my old school mentality says you have to stick with it. He was only on the main roster for a few months. You have to stick it out, you never know when something bigger is going to come along. In the end it's Aries call and he got what he wished for.

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