Tom's Tidings: #WokenMatt, McMahon's Opinion Of AJ Styles

Broken Matt Hardy

The developments with Matt Hardy that many of you have already read here and have seen on tv are coming to fruition... but the story goes a little deeper. As of today, Vince McMahon wants to go with the term "Woken" and not "Broken." The reasons for this is so Vince can then own the "Woken" term moving forward. In a few weeks, Matt will own the term "Broken" and the intellectual rights of the character as Ed Nordholm stated this week he is no longer pursuing the trademark on the gimmick. To add to this Ed mentioned that any past, current or future star will own their own gimmick rights.

This announcement is due to two things: it's a make-good on the formerly messy situation with the Hardys. This also has to do with the company trying to sign new talent and giving them some incentive to sign.

With ratings up again on Smackdown Live, Vince is in full "Team AJ Styles" mode more than even before. Vince looks at the ratings increase since AJ has been champion as a direct reflection and at this point dropping the title back to Jinder Mahal seems very unlikely. AJ has grown on Vince over the past 16 months and the chairman looks at him as a star. While not a John Cena or a Roman Reigns, AJ still remains as a major second-tier star.

AJ will also be featured in the next WWE 360 documentary to be featured on the network.

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