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Tons Of News & Notes From WWEPC Grand Opening - Triple H's Legacy Begins

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WWE Performance Center

All eyes were on the new 26,000 square feet WWE Performance Center for the state of the art facility's grand opening in Winter Park, Florida on Thursday. The facility cost $3.5 million to convert from a warehouse to the most impressive pro wrestling training facility in the world.

Below are some news and notes from the affair:

  • There is an office area with a 4000 pound steel table and a self contained promo area where workers can practice promos.
  • The facility features a new "announce room" where Jim Ross will be regularly helping out.
  • Dr. Michael Sampson will be keeping "office hours" at the facility with Dr. Joseph Maroon also being involved. This is being looked at as a big plus for talent already on the main roster as they can come in and rehab when injured.
  • One of the facility's seven rings has extra padding for practicing high spots, while another has full event lighting to acclimate talent for television.
  • Florida Governor Rick Scott was seen as major ally in the facility being built in Florida, however, WWE did not receive any incentive from the state.
  • Our report of cameras throughout the facility has been confirmed as High Definition cameras will keep developmental under 24/7 surveillance. Company executives and Vince McMahon will be able to check in on developmental anywhere at any time they want.
  • Full Sail University graduate Felipe Gianazzo was awarded a $10,000 scholarship by TripleH. Gianazzo has worked ever NXT show since May 2012.
  • Xavier Woods, formerly known as Consequences Creed, spoke on behalf of the developmental talent at Thursday's event.
  • Michael Cole operated as the host for the press conference.
  • Sheamus spoke from a superstar's prospective and talked about working as part of the ring crew at Wrestlemania 24, while he was just a developmental wrestler.
  • Stephanie McMahon said that Triple H's legacy begins with the WWE Performance Center.
  • The hashtag #WWEPC is actually trending Twitter.
  • Vince McMahon called the facility's opening "a new beginning"
  • Stephanie McMahon tolled the original bell from Madison Square Garden to "officially open" the facility.

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Special thanks to Arda Ocal and his constant Twitter updates for contributing to this report.

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