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Tony Schiavone Resurfaces Talking WCW In New Interview; Joey Styles Says He'll Never Call Pro Wrestling Matches Again

Arda Ocal sent in the following:

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of The Score Television Network and the Baltimore Sun spoke with…

Tony Schiavone (@tonyschiavone24):

- His thoughts on the infamous moment where he spoiled Mankind's championship victory on Nitro and fans switched to watch it on Raw. "I would have turned the channel.". Also talking about the moral battle he had with spoiling the competitors results on live TV

- The recent run-in he had with CM Punk at his radio station.

- His career highlight calling his first match at Madison Square Garden with Lord Alfred Hayes.

- Why he decided to move on from Pro Wrestling after the sale of WCW. "Now's the chance to get out of it. Why don't I take it."

Joey Styles (@JoeyStyles):

- Revealing that he'll never return to call pro wrestling matches again. "No. Never. No."

- His career highlight calling the ECW originals match at WM23 with Tazz

- His involvement with, including editing articles and improving the content thanks to the leadership of Stephanie McMahon

- If CM Punk would have succeeded in the original ECW: "Oh, he would have been champion."

- What it was like to call whole shows solo: "Having a good colour man is a huge help. Having a bad colour man is a huge hindrance."

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