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Happy Birthday Money In The Bank! This year marks the 10th anniversary of the MITB PPV, and it sure does promise to be the most unique and interesting PPV to date.

The concept of MITB itself has always been a simple one. Multiple wrestlers enter the ring and proceed to batter the snot out of each other until only one is left standing, capable of climbing the rungs and unhooking the briefcase.

However this year things are very different. Due to the COVID19 pandemic changing the very way we live, WWE have had to make large scale adjustments. Adjustments, which have wound up with us being just one week away from the first ever Corporate Ladder matches. What will these matches entail? All that we know for sure at this point is that 6 men, and 6 women, will compete at the same time, literally climbing the floors of Titan Towers to reach the roof of the building and claim the famous briefcase for themselves. Sounds chaotic right? I can hardly wait!

Regardless of the formula, MITB has led to some of the biggest shocks and career-making moments in WWE history. Join me as I run down my personal Top 10 Money In The Bank Ladder Matches.


#10 Women's MITB 2018 - Alexa Bliss

Let's be frank for a moment. The ending to the 2017 Womens MITB was absolute trash and should never have been allowed to happen. It was a disappointment of epic proportions, undoing a lot of good work and time invested into legitimising womens wrestling. After backing themselves into a corner, WWE decided to make up for it by letting the women involved in this match just go at it however they wanted.

There hadn't been this much use of a ladder as a weapon within the companies ring since the old hardcore matches back in the Attitude Era and everyone got in on the act, including Lana. They put their bodies and careers on the line, with some of the most dangerous looking spots and bumps you could imagine, and when Alexa Bliss emerged as the winner, you could almost feel a sense of relief that the war was over.


#9 MITB 2013 - Randy Orton

Admittedly, Randy Orton winning the match wasn't really what anyone wanted to see but there was so much going on in this match that his unexpected victory wasn't as much of an annoyance as it could have been.

First off, there was the return of Rob Van Dam who proved that he was, indeed, the Whole F'in Show by rolling out his greatest hits on anyone unlucky enough to get within a foot of him. And then there was Paul Heyman turning on CM Punk, everyone's favorite for the win, by beating him like a government mule with a ladder until he couldn't get up.

Another brutal affair that also served to develop storylines. Bravo WWE.


#8 Men's MITB 2017 - Baron Corbin

The fact that they decided to put over Baron Corbin, before making him look like a complete idiot when he finally cashed in, thanks to John Cena, is one of the more confusing booking decisions the company has made over the past few years.

Especially considering just how out of this world AJ Styles performance was on the night. The undisputed MVP of the WWE since he signed, AJ was on fire. Using every move in his extensive repertoire, he came so close to winning on numerous occasions that the crowd was screaming for it. But, in their infinite wisdom, the company went with the big balding one instead.


#7 Raw MITB 2010 - The Miz

The first ever MITB Pay Per View had two Ladder Matches on its card that had varying degrees of success. The Smackdown one was a lackluster affair, and the decision to have Kane emerge victorious still seems like an odd one, even to this day.

Their RAW counterparts, on the other hand, put on a true spectacle which was worth the price of admission alone. A true slobber knocker of a scrap that would see each competitor crank up the volume as the match progressed, each coming close to claiming the briefcase in a match where you genuinely couldn't guess who would win. Special mention must go to the three finishing salvos that Mark Henry had to endure. It was brutal and magnificent in equal measures.


#6 Womens MITB 2017 - Carmella

Alright, alright, put the pitchforks down. As I mentioned previously, nobody is saying that that ending wasn't the biggest load of crap since DX showered the McMahons in the brown stuff and there's no arguing that the company nearly undid all the good work they had achieved up to that point in the women's revolution. But the fact remains, the match itself was, up till then, actually pretty bloody good.

People seem to forget it was quite a high impact, with Carmella's hurricanrana onto Becky Lynch being a standout moment, and if it hadn't been for that horrendous ending, it would be remembered a lot more fondly


#5 MITB 2016 - Dean Ambrose

Moving into the Top 5 of this list and it's time to pull out the big guns. What a truly great match this was. Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, and Alberto Del Rio just completely tore the house down for over 20 minutes of fast-paced action.

All six men - Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, in particular, took some real risks and crazy bumps as they took their long standing rivalry to the next level, but in the end, it was Dean Ambrose who rose to the top of the ladder to unhook the briefcase. What happened at the end of the PPV just made this match so much better as Ambrose cashed in only 57 minutes after winning the contract against Seth Rollins - who had just defeated Roman Reigns to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

The Lunatic Fringe sneaked up and successfully defeated The Architect meaning that all three Shield members were WWE World Heavyweight Champion at some point during the pay per view. A truly historic night.


#4 MITB 2014 - Seth Rollins

This was the match that marked Seth Rollins’ rise to superstardom in WWE. Going up against Rob Van Dam, Jack Swagger, Dean Ambrose, Kofi Kingston, and Dolph Ziggler, Rollins became the first member of the Shield to win the Money in the Bank Ladder match to earn the contract for a future World Championship opportunity.

The match itself was great in of itself, filled with some superb high-flying action best reserved for these sort of matches, but it was Seth Rollins’ cash-in 273 days later at Wrestlemania 31 that elevates it to the realm of greatness. This was a case of the payoff being even more memorable than the high quality match itself.

It was also memorable to me as huge RVD fan growing up. He reminded us he truly is The Whole F'n Show, pulling out all of his biggest and best moves. One of the most entertaining performers in WWE history showing everybody that he still had what it took to hang in the big leagues.


#3 SmackDown MITB 2011 - Daniel Bryan

On the flipside, this one is all about the match rather than the eventual cash in. Daniel Bryan emerged as the victor in a fascinating contest against former Nexus buddies Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, and Justin Gabriel as well as Kane, Sin Cara, and Cody Rhodes.

The match ticked all the right boxes in what is required in a great ladder match and seeing Bryan get the unexpected victory was a real treat. Unfortunately, the whole cashing in situation was quite weird and not very well executed.


#2 MITB Wrestlemania 24 - CM Punk

In terms of pure action, this is probably the best Money in the Bank Ladder match of all-time. Back in 2008, when Money in the Bank Ladder matches were still restricted to Wrestlemania, CM Punk won the first of his two briefcases.

He defeated Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Carlito, Mr Kennedy, and John Morrison in a match that was in overdrive all the way through. It was filled with gifted athletes and performers who put on a real show for the ages.

It’s irony at its finest that his cash in was also against The Ultimate Opportunist, Edge. And, speaking of Edge...


#1 MITB WrestleMania 21 - Edge

You never forget your first time. And, in my humble opinion, the first Money in the Bank Ladder match is the best of all-time. Won by Edge against Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Shelton Benjamin, Kane, and Christian, it marked the rise of Edge into the main event.

No one knew what to expect, and the fans in attendance were completely blown away by the action they were witnessing in the ring as every single competitor pulled his own weight and ensured that the match was an overwhelming success.

Even the cash in was perfectly executed as Edge won his first WWE Championship ever against John Cena. It was perfection all the way through. Had it not been for this MITB victory, Edge may have only ever been known as a great tag team wrestler.

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