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After an amazing NXT Takeover, there is plenty of storylines to take place and even a few storylines were hinted at very heavily during the PPV. I enjoyed almost every match on the card during Takeover and I am excited for the storytelling leading up to the TV Special Halloween Havoc and also the next Takeover event which I hope is NXT Takeover War Games. 

Here are my top 3 storylines that I think we will see starting very soon. 

Ridge Holland vs Adam Cole


After the ending of Takeover 31, it is clear who Adam Cole's next opponent will be and that is Ridge Holland. I haven't personally seen much of Hollands work except the past few matches he has had on NXT and he has impressed me so far. New guy on the scene who else would you want to work with but Adam Cole? After seeing Adam Cole vs Pat Mcafee I think Cole can work with anyone and can make them look like a star! It would be really cool to see Ridge have some allies backing him up against UE and that could really draw the storyline out. I am excited to see the storyline between these two and the match that will follow! 

If you really wanted to give this storyline some rocket fuel and send it to the moon Cameron Grimes style then I say have Ridge Holland form an alliance with Finn Balor and then recruit two other guys maybe Thatcher or Ciampa. Then you can set up a long term rivalry that will come to heads at NXT Takeover War Games and it will be settled with a WarGames match. 

Io Shirai vs Toni Storm vs Ember Moon - NXT Women's Championship


I am really hoping that this story is told leading to a triple threat NXT women's championship match but at the same time I would love to see an Ember Moon vs Io Shirai singles matchup for the title. NXT could go one of two ways with this story. In classic WWE fashion the champion Io comes down to the ring and both Toni and Ember come down to face her and in this situation is where it could go two ways. One way is that there is a match planned between Ember Moon and Toni Storm and whoever wins that match will go on to face Io at the next NXT Takeover event. Also, the other way NXT could take this is to let Io face them both so she can prove she can take both of them at one time. 

Either way, NXT goes with this storyline it is going to be killer and the addition of Ember and Toni makes an already strong NXT women's division even stronger and I love it.

Damian Priest vs Cameron Grimes -NXT North American Championship


A match that we have seen before but I have been an advocate for a North American championship storyline between these two for a while and I am still advocating for it today. These two in a feud for the North American championship is something I want to see before Priest drops the title. A North American championship feud between these two would be sent straight to the moon! Both guys are spectacular in the ring and I think they would create some awesome moments in a championship match between each other.  

I personally don't want to see another Priest vs Gargano rivalry for the North American title. Another challenger for the title I could see is Bronson Reed but personally, I don't want to see the colossal Bronson Reed go for this title I want to see Cameron Grimes go for the gold and get sent to the moon! All Grime all the time!   

What storylines do you want to see in NXT? Tweet me @CEODROD on Twitter!

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