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NXT is my favorite wrestling show that comes on weekly. I think it has the best storylines and matchups compared to any other wrestling show. I also think that there is some room for improvement. There are so many things you could do to gain interest for the brand. Today I will give you three ways to revamp NXT in my opinion. The first way is a given. 

Welcome to the NXT Thunderdome!


I can understand wanting to stay at Full Sail for NXT but if the Thunderdome stays around for a good while I think a smart move would be moving NXT into the Thunderdome. 

When you have something so cool and fun for interaction with viewers why not use it for NXT. Not to mention the aesthetic appeal and how much better it looks than the bland performance center. Do not get me wrong using the performance center at first during this pandemic was great but it gets old after a while. Plus NXT has never had that big arena type feel. The Thunderdome would be a great way to start giving NXT a big arena type feel. When you are left out of the Thunderdome experience how are you supposed to match up to AEW who are now allowing limited fans at events?

More Main Roster Exposure 


When NXT invaded the main roster in 2019 to set up the Survivor Series PPV I was so hyped for that angle and storyline. It was set up and executed really well and the end result was making NXT look stronger than the other brands. Since that PPV NXT has fallen back behind both brands in my opinion. 

What is it going to hurt if the NXT champion shows up on Raw or Smackdown every couple of weeks to go one on one with another champion on the main roster shows? More exposure on Raw and Smackdown could also help NXT viewership against AEW weekly. Also do not just have the NXT champion show up but also have the tag team champions and other top guys from the NXT brand show up. This could make for some great matchups and great storytelling for another Survivor Series PPV. You barely hear anything about NXT on the main roster and that should change. 

NXT Authority Board 


Last week on NXT we saw backstage a meeting between NXT General Manager William Regal, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Matt Bloom. I think this should become a regular thing. I love having Authority angles for shows in the WWE. It has made for some of the best angles in the past. Just think back to Teddy Long/Eric Bischoff/The Authority, all great management storylines. Of course Regal would keep his Manager role but having the other three guys on TV weekly also calling shots alongside Regal would be epic. Just putting these guys together on weekly segments would be entertaining enough to gain interest for the brand. 

They could even do a storyline on down the road where Regal and Bloom take things more seriously but Triple H and Shawn want to act out and be childish and they could have NXT superstars join sides with which authority figures they like better and have gang warfare between the sides. Storyline thoughts aside I think seeing these guys as an NXT Board Authority figure weekly would be so cool. 

What are the ways that you would revamp NXT? Tweet me @CEODROD on Twitter!  

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