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The future of NXT is very bright. They have so many potential stars that could be given the spotlight with the NXT Championship. I have chosen five superstars on the roster currently that I would give the NXT championship to and I think they would shine very bright. 

There is so much talent on the NXT roster right now this list was very hard to make. My first pick was not hard at all. This guy should be the flag bearer for the NXT brand. 

Karrion Kross


Do you want my personal opinion? This is going to make some people mad. At NXT Takeover XXX this Saturday night Karrion Kross should take the NXT title off of Keith Lee in a convincing fashion. Should it be a hard-fought brawl? Yes, but Kross should come away looking like a monster. They have built up Kross as a monster since his debut and there is no reason to stop now. 

I would personally love to see a feud between Kross and Balor for the NXT championship. Karrion Kross is ready for the NXT championship and that is a fact. 

Cameron Grimes


I know you are all clicking off this article right now and that's ok. This guy is doing his job perfectly if you are. Also, I know there are people saying do I have the audacity to include him in this list? Yes, I do and would love to see this happen. We haven't seen a southern heel wrestler like Grimes in a long time. Bob (@bobzevon) another contributor here at WNW called Cameron Grimes the new Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin. A heel like this that gets under your skin would be perfect as a champion for NXT weekly. 

Damian Priest


If NXT never puts a title on this guy it will be a missed opportunity. Super talented in the ring and has an awesome persona. At first, I wasn't very impressed with Priest but over the past couple of months he has really shown another side of him and it has won me over. Damian Priest would be an amazing NXT champion for the brand. His persona by itself would be amazing to evolve as champion. I would love to see a Priest vs Kross match or even a Lee vs Priest match. Talk about two matches that would tear down the house.  

Dexter Lumis 


A guy that has demanded everyone's attention ever since debuting in NXT. Dexter Lumis would be an interesting choice to put the NXT championship on. The creepy stalker persona is very interesting and it has drawn a lot of attention. They should capitalize on the interest drawn to Lumis and put the NXT championship on him soon. To be honest I do not think Lumis needs the NXT championship but he would benefit from it. Lumis going around with the NXT championship on his shoulder stalking his next opponent would be gold. 

Timothy Thatcher


Talk about a guy that can knock your teeth down your throat with ease. Ever since debuting in NXT Timothy Thatcher has been one of my favorite things about the show each week. His presence shows he is not there to show out but to punch somebody in the face. Another case where he does not need the championship but would benefit from it. I also could see in character that Thatcher only cares about winning matches and making people tap out that he doesn't care about a championship. Thatcher is a force to be reckoned with and he would put on some great matches as NXT champion.   

Do you agree with this list? Who do you want to see as NXT champion? Tweet me @CEODROD on Twitter. 

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