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The NXT women's division is on fire! I think it is the most immersive and exciting division around today. There is a huge variety of women's wrestlers on NXT and each one has their own persona and skill set. 

The future looks very bright for the NXT Women's Championship. Tonight on NXT Dakota Kai and Rhea Ripley will face off to decide who gets to face Io Shirai for the NXT Women's Championship. This match will hopefully fall right into my first pick on who should be a future NXT Women's Champion.

Dakota Kai 


I know that Io Shirai is a great women's champion for NXT but I think that Dakota would steal the show as the women champion. Once entering NXT you would never have thought that she could've pulled off a heel persona like she has. Her heel turn on Tegan Nox was perfectly booked and made her look like a star. Since then she has had some amazing matchups against Tegan and I know if given the opportunity as the champion she will have a ton more amazing matchups against other competitors.

She is ready for that NXT Women's Championship and should be the one to take it off Io before she moves up to the main roster. 

Mercedez Martinez  


It is a shame that Mercedez Martinez is even on this list. She should have been a mainstream Women's champion a long time ago. I think that AEW will be very disappointed in letting Mercedez slip away soon when she becomes the NXT women's champion and is given the respect she deserves. 

Mercedez is ready for the main spotlight and I think will be a huge success on the main roster when she gets there especially if she gets put in a rivalry with Shayna Baszler. 

Shotzi Blackheart 


Shotzi is one of the few current NXT women's wrestlers that I was familiar with before coming to NXT. She has improved tremendously since debuting in NXT. She has a persona that is so energetic and lively. You cannot take your eyes off the screen while Shotzi is making her entrance. She definitely outshines the other women when she comes to the ring. 

I think the past few months she has really shown what she is capable of in the ring and out of the ring. She is a future star in the making and I would love to see her capture the Women's championship one day soon. 

Candice LeRae


Honestly, I do not know why Candice LeRae has not won a single NXT Women's Championship yet. She has the in-ring talent and can do any part you want. It has been three years since Candice debuted in NXT and I thought she would win the women's championship within her first year in the company.  

Candice will be a great fit on the main roster but I think of her as a staple of the NXT women's division and I think she deserves the championship before she moves up. 



I know most of you were expecting Mia Yim or Tegan Knox but this is my choice and this article is about the future of the NXT Women's Championship. I cannot see a better choice after her run as a manager for Kross. After getting some spotlight with Kross on TV her setup to come after the Women's championship could be phenomenal. I could get behind a Scarlett vs LeRae championship rivalry. 

All five of these women that I have named deserve to be named the NXT Women's Champion. 

Agree or Disagree with me? Do you have your own list? Tweet me @CEODROD on Twitter. 

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