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Tough Enough's Martin Reveals WWE First Contacted Him Through Facebook, Says Andy Wasn't The Right Choice, Doesn't Know How He Broke His Ankle

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CityWeekly has a very long Q&A online with former WWE Tough Enough contestant Martin Casaus to promote the upcoming tenth anniversary show of Ultra Championship Wrestling ZERO in which Martin is a co-owner. In the piece, Martin reveals WWE first contacted him for Tough Enough through Facebook, says he doesn't know how he broke his ankle (which eliminated him from the show) , says Andy Leavine wasn't the right choice and says he remains in contact with WWE. Below is an excerpt:

Gavin: What made you decide to tryout for Tough Enough and what was your audition for the show like?

Martin: I was still debating whether I was going to tryout or not when I received an email on Facebook. It was supposedly from a producer of Tough Enough. He said that I was on the WWE radar and they wanted to make sure I put in my application and paperwork. I thought he was pranking me, so at first I didn't respond back. Then the "what if" thought came in my mind and I contacted him. He had me do an audition tape to show my personality and send some pictures. After that, there was about a million and a half interviews over the phone before they ever sent me to California to audition. They sent the final 30 contestants to California for final cuts and more test. There was a lot of psychological tests, physical tests, and blood work test. It was tedious but exciting.

Gavin: It's not entirely clear on camera, but you ended up out with a fracture. What cause the injury and how was the recovery for you after leaving the show?

Martin: I have watched the footage of the injury literally hundreds of times; and at every speed you can think of. Me and my doctor who was working on my ankle rehab cannot explain what happened. We can guess but that's all that they would be is guesses. My ankle wasn't twisted, rushed, or put in any kind of position where it was in danger or even had a reason to sustain an injury. Yet it happened. I ended up needing surgery and having two metal pins permanently put in my ankle. I hated the recovery. I was on crutches for what felt like forever. I have always been an active person so sitting there doing ankle exercises on the couch was not my idea of happiness after WWE Tough Enough. I relied a lot on friends and I appreciate them for it. The recovery process was long and painful but I feel better than ever now. I think I grew up a lot. I learned to not be upset and worry yourself with things that are out of your control. I couldn’t go back in time and stop myself from fracturing my ankle, but I could stay positive and use it as mental ammo to come back stronger, and that’s just what I did. I believe very strongly in the power of a person’s mind, setting goals, positivity, and work ethic. As long as these attitudes are in check, a person can achieve anything.

Gavin: After leaving and watching the show develop, do you believe Andy was the right choice or do you believe you would have won had you not been injured?

Martin: I really do not think Andy was the right choice. He was a nice guy it seemed, he really didn't talk to anyone much. Yet, I don't think he did anything on the show to constitute him winning it. Yes, there are varying opinions of Luke. I believe though that Luke was the right choice when it came down to the finale. I thought the whole time that it was going to come down to Luke and myself in the end. At that point, it was up to the judge and executioner, Stone Cold Steve Austin. It didn't end up that way but I believe everything happens for a reason. I can’t change the past but I can control what happens now and I am doing that.

Gavin: A few of the contestants who didn't win are now working with the WWE, including some who were cut early and didn't get as far as you did. But you haven't been included in that group, and a number of critics believe both you and Luke should be. What's your status with WWE today and do you see yourself going to work for them in the future?

Martin: I still have talks with WWE talent relations, Steve Austin, and Bill DeMott and keep them updated on things. All I can do at this point is improve myself physically and in the ring and be ready if they make the call. I can definitely see myself working there. That's the dream. I have a great life now with many other opportunities in it, so I’m not going to be in a gutter somewhere if the call doesn't happen. My life will be amazing in either case. Yet it has and always will be the dream to stand on the biggest stage of them all.

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