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Traditional Buys For Wrestlemania 30, Extreme Rules, Payback & MITB

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WWE reported their second quarter earnings for 2014 on Thursday before market open. We covered the release in its entirety at this link.

In the release, the official traditional pay-per-view buy rates for the shows in the second quarter were announced. Please note the WWE Network was in place for all of these shows so the numbers are considerably lower:

  • Wrestlemania XXX - 690,000 buys (compared to 1,039,000 w/Wrestlemania 29)
  • Extreme Rules - 108,000 buys (compared to 231,000 in 2013)
  • WWE Payback - 67,000 buys ( compared to 186,000 in 2013)
  • Money in the Bank - 122,000 buys

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