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Transcript Of A Dish Network Employee Lying To A Customer Over Elimination Chamber

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Wrestling News World reader Donald, a Dish Network customer, was told on Monday they would be carrying WWE Elimination Chamber on Sunday. However, after continued reports of the provider dropping the pay-per-view, Donald went back to customer support for an update. Dish told him this time they would not be carrying the pay-per-view and it was WWE's decision, not theirs, because WWE was launching their own streaming service.

We all know this is a blatant lie by Dish Network as the WWE Network won't launch until Monday and the company wanted to keep their existing pay-per-view deals in place. This is a situation where Dish Network isn't getting their way and in turn is giving their customers the shaft.

Below is Donald's conversation with a Dish Network customer support representative in its entirety:

Dish Network Transcript

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