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Triple H On Angle w/The Rock, Stipulation To HIAC Main Event

Triple H's weekly kayfabe interview with Michael Cole is now online. In it, Cole talked about getting goosebumps when The Rock made his surprise return on Monday Night Raw.

Triple H called it one of the most electrifying moments in the history of Raw. He said to keep a secret in this day in age is a remarkable thing. Hunter said as big of a star as Rock has become outside of WWE there's nothing like stepping in the ring and igniting the WWE Universe.

Cole asked Hunter how they pulled it off. He said when Rock is in the area, there's nothing more important to him than the WWE. And it's a testament to Rusev that Rock took time out of his busy schedule to address a certain pair of Russians (Editor's note: Rusev isn't Russian.) Triple H said that's something because Rock doesn't make that time for anyone.

Moving to the Hell in a Cell main events, Triple H said he has to give the WWE Universe what they want. Dean Ambrose and John Cena keep getting in each other's way in trying to get to Seth Rollins. The winner will get Seth Rollins but inside Hell in a Cell, probably the most brutal match in WWE history. They'll be getting in there with arguably the future of WWE, one of the greatest minds and technicians in WWE. Be careful what you ask for.

Cole shifted the discussion to the 15th Anniversary of Smackdown this Friday. Hunter said it's unbelievable. They joked about being with WWE throughout the duration. Hunter can't believe Cole is still there period. Cole wants to know why Triple H looks so much better, when he looks so much worse. Hunter said it was diet.

Triple H talked about 15 years later, Smackdown taking place in Philly, where the most episodes have taken place. Cole said he understands The Rock will be featured in something with Triple H. Hunter said they had a discussion after Raw and cameras were there. He said they're both competitive and when they get together, those competitive juices start flowing.

Cole asked Hunter about a wrinkle to the Hell in a Cell main events. Triple H said Smackdown will be must-see TV.

You can watch the interview at this link or embedded in the video below:

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