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Triple H Has Big Plans For 2014, Comments On Cena vs. Orton Rematch, Lesnar & Batista Returning

WWE posted this week's kayfabe interview between Triple H and Michael Cole on New Year's Day. Below are the highlights:

  • Triple H wants 2014 to be WWE's biggest year ever, whether that is bringing back something from the past or lighting a bonfire under today's superstars or bringing in something for the future of the likes no one has ever seen before. Hunter said 2014 is going to be epic.
  • Hunter said that either John Cena or Randy Orton is going to leave Royal Rumble knowing for sure they are better than the other.
  • He said bringing Brock Lesnar back should prove what he's been saying all along and that is it's not about him but it's what is best for business. And Brock Lesnar is great for business.
  • Triple H said he's thrilled Dave Batista is coming back to WWE where he belongs. When Cole asked him about plans for Batista, he said you'd have to ask him that.

You can watch this week's interview at this link or embedded in the video below:

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