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Triple H Buries The Miz & WWE Studios In One Meaningless Sentence

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I wrote a piece on Monday where I explored possible WWE World Heavyweight Championship defenses for Brock Lesnar. It was a rare bit of fantasy booking as we looked at ways to keep Lesnar champion from now until Wrestlemania 31. In the comments area, Wrestling News World reader Thomas M wrote about how it was nice to see me not rant and actually have some fun. I replied that I hoped this week's Raw didn't send me back down the "dark road" of ranting.

Another week and where to begin?

I could spend a considerable amount of time ripping apart this week's broadcast, from the delayed Night of Champions main event followup to a page taken out of Nickelodeon's playbook with Seth Rollins getting slimed. I could talk about a bull, a bunny and an alligator but wouldn't it just be far too easy?

Raw will be blogged by Kendra later so I don't want to steal her thunder. Instead, I want to focus on Triple H.

Triple H is seen by many members of the Internet Wrestling Community as the guy that "gets it." A popular notion lately is that Triple H is ready to succeed Vince McMahon, who has lost his touch, and perhaps the best course of action is for Vince to get out of the way and let Hunter work his magic. His supporters will proceed to point to the quality of NXT, a brainchild of Triple H, as indisputable evidence.

While there is no debating that Triple H has greatly improved WWE's developmental system, I fail to comprehend why he feels compelled to bury certain workers while portraying his heel character as the leader of The Authority. Consider the following from this week's episode of Raw:

Damien Sandow and The Miz barged into Hunter's backstage office and Sandow, talking for Miz, demanded he get a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship. Brushing Seth Rollins aside, Hunter told Sandow he had a match against Sheamus. As for The Miz…

You come in here barking orders at me again, your little straight-to-DVD career is going straight to the unemployment line…

A throwaway line in a meaningless backstage segment, as Wrestling News World reader Kurt Luttrell put it in the comments area in Ask WNW, Hunter simultaneously buried The Miz and WWE Studios in a single sentence. Remember, Miz's "straight-to-DVD career" is one where he stars in WWE made productions.

Not only was the line unneeded in a segment that meant nothing, it hurt The Miz and also made the WWE films appear what they really are - a waste of time and money.

My reaction can be summed up in one word - WHY?

Why does Triple H feel the need to deliver such throwaway lines at the expense of his talent and his company? I get that he's supposed to be the authoritative bad guy and he was "in a bad mood" because Rollins had been dispossessed of the Money in the Bank briefcase but don't such lines do more harm than good? Why should we care who is in possession of the MITB briefcase anyway? Is this the new item for main eventers to covet since the WWE World Heavyweight Champion is MIA and the secondary titles couldn't mean less? Speaking of which, doesn't WWE need their secondary titles right now? Isn't Miz in the mix of a feud for one of these titles, having just won the IC championship over a week ago?

OK I get it, the MITB briefcase is more important than the IC Championship. But is this really best for business? After all, Damien Sandow is a former MITB briefcase holder, how'd that work out?

This isn't the first time that Hunter's character has done this either.

Much of his program with Daniel Bryan was focused on Bryan being a B+ player that wasn't quite good enough to be the face of the WWE. A fact that's now repeated anytime someone suffers a serious injury. Did you see what Hunter said about Roman Reigns in last week's kayfabe Michael Cole interview?

I don't want to be a keyboard warrior that comes with a rant every time another WWE show airs but they're hardly giving me a reason to be optimistic. There is just such a reckless lack of creativity in WWE's efforts right now. It's gone beyond just an off show or an off week, we're going on over a month of weak programming.

Things are being done and said that lack purpose and direction. We're not just talking about logic gaps, we're seeing a publicly traded company unable to use their vast resources and deep talent roster to produce anything close to entertaining. Fall competition is in full force and WWE is hardly giving us a reason to watch. If it weren't for the rise of Ambrose and Rollins I'm not sure Raw would be worth watching at all.

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