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Triple H Calls Daniel Bryan A "185 Pound Sawed-Off Midget" In New Kayfabe Interview

This week's kayfabe Triple H interview with Michael Cole is now online. Below are the highlights:

  • Hunter talked about being busy last week in Orlando, putting on a successful NXT ArRIVAL show. Cole talked about a Tweet he made that it was convenient that Hunter wasn't there the week when Daniel Bryan first challenged him to a match at Wrestlemania XXX.
  • Cole said Hunter laid out a lot of different reasons on Raw why he wouldn't give Daniel Bryan a match at Wrestlemania. He asked for the true reason. Triple H asked if he wanted him to run the whole list or just to start at the top? How about the fact he's COO? He's very busy. He doesn't have the time. Cole reminds him he's had very high profile matches in the past being COO. Triple H said so you're going to compare The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, A+ players, to a challenge by Daniel Bryan? He said it's a world of difference and he's a B+ player and it's going to take a whole helluva lot more than Daniel Bryan for him to take his time, life and dedication to the WWE Universe to get him to lace up his boots at Wrestlemania.
  • Cole asked him how long he was going to deny that the WWE Universe wants Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania. Hunter said there's no denying they want it, there's no denying Daniel Bryan thinks he wants it. He said, careful what you wish for. Triple H said imagine the thunderous reaction on Raw being turned into silence and embarrassment on the grandest stage of them all and he's trying to protect them from themselves.
  • Michael said then why not end it at Wrestlemania and face him? Triple H questioned why even bother for a good B+ player, the t-shirt sales, the movement. He said what's good for business is for Daniel Bryan to do his little B+ schtick over there and do his own thing. Let the immortals be the showcase of the immortal. Hunter asked Cole if he thought Bryan was the first guy that tried to ride his coattails to Wrestlemania.
  • Cole questioned what if Bryan beat Triple H in front of 80,000 in the Superdome, all doing the Yes chant. Hunter said in your version of the world, in the fly-by earlier in the day by the military, are they flying monkeys or pigs? Let's live in the real word. Triple H said he's 185 pound sawed-off midget. And he's going to get in the ring with him? Triple H said if wanted rid of him, he'd just fire him. He's not going to embarrass and humiliate him in front of the world. Hunter said he has value and the people love the little guy but they have no idea what they're asking for.
  • Michael Cole asked Triple H if he was scared of Daniel Bryan. Hunter answered, 'honestly?' Cole said everyone he has spoken with believes Triple H is afraid of Daniel Bryan. Triple H said the answer to your question is the exact same answer to Daniel Bryan's question - 'no.'

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You can watch this week' s interview at this link or embedded in the video below:

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