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Triple H Comments On A Physical WWE Hall Of Fame & WWE Network, Bringing Back Bruno Sammartino, More

Triple H

Triple H recently gave an extensive, in-depth look at his role in WWE in an interview with Grantland. Some highlights from the interview are below:

On a physical WWE Hall of Fame:

There are rumors that after the Performance Center, a physical Hall of Fame might be on the way.

Everybody always asks that question. Halls of fame are not a lucrative business. But here's the bigger reason: If and when the time is right to do a Hall of Fame, it's not just going to be a place where you walk in and say, "Oh, look, there's a pair of trunks." If we do it, it'll be an immersive experience. With technology the way it is, a 4-D experience, whether it's a ride, or, picture this: You walk into a locker room, lights go down, smoke comes out, and Andre the Giant walks out in a hologram and stands there and talks to you. That's what it has to be. But is the Hall of Fame the priority? Absolutely not. It's out there someplace in the stratosphere. But if we do it, it takes a lot of research because we want to do it right.

On bringing back Legends after burning bridges:

Speaking of Bruno, he was estranged from the WWF/WWE for decades. You spearheaded his Hall of Fame induction. Is your passion for the history where your drive to mend fences comes from?

Time goes on and everybody changes. I wasn't there for the fences to fall apart, so it's easier for me to go in there and say, "Can't we just fix this now?" But it's a long process. With Bruno, one day I went into Vince's office and asked what he thought of Bruno in the Hall of Fame. He says, "It ain't going to happen." I say, "Would you care if I try?" He says, "Hey, if you want to waste your time, go ahead." And it took eight months to get Bruno there. I think people think Vince sits in his office counting money and checking the list of people he hates. But he honestly doesn't care. He's moved on. Some guys will want to come back and have a personal meeting with Vince, and he'll be like, "What do they want to meet with me personally for?" And I'll say, "They just want to bury the hatchet." And he says, "There is no hatchet."

On the WWE Network:

The question you probably always get after the Hall of Fame is the WWE television channel.

If I had to say what is one priority we think about on a daily basis, that is one of them. But it's not so easy to put together. It's not the NFL Network. You have to think about how our business is different. Don't look at us as a Mayweather or De La Hoya fight, look at it as Rocky. Rocky is a movie that just happens to be about boxing. It's really about characters and story lines and relationships and all those things, and the backdrop is boxing. You can go back and watch the final fight in Rocky a thousand times. If you dig that movie, if you like the characters, you'll watch the whole movie over and over.

But that's a very limited number of people that go back and watch boxing matches, unless it's like the Thrilla in Manila. But to go back and just watch a regular boxing match, or a Super Bowl, what's the implications of that now? It doesn't mean anything. Our stuff is different.

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