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During the inaugural WWE Podcast, “After the Bell”, Corey Graves was joined by Triple H, where he discussed Finn Balor being back in NXT and if that opens the door for more talent from Raw and Smackdown to head back to NXT. 

Check out what he had to say down below!

“I do, yeah, I think now this is sort of the template of whatever is on the table. I think that as… if you look at the roster, there are going to be times when they’re like, ‘look, until the next draft comes or whatever this talent is here but they’ve kind of worked with everybody, and we’re gonna finish up this program with them and then we almost kind of inherently need to sit them down for three months, or six months, or whatever that is, just to clear this up so we can get to this other side and when we do the switch it’s new again.’ Great, give ‘em to me, I’ll take ‘em. You mentioned the territories… I’ll take ‘em. Here’s the window and here’s what I’m gonna do with you in that window, for the most part, barring all the other things that could happen. It’s a cool opportunity.”

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