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Triple H Confirms Plans For A Women's Tournament

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After the success of the UK Tournament (at least in terms of match quality) and the Cruiserweight Classic, Triple H has confirmed that there will indeed be a Women's Tournament planned for the future which will feature great female wrestlers from all over the world. He was asked the question on Fox Sports Wrestling Compadres Slamcast after Stephanie McMahon had mentioned the idea sometime in the past. Triple H said it would probably take place this summer:

The women, we’re probably going to do this summer, is what I’m hoping, and a lot of women performers just reacted when I said that, but that’s the plan anyway. And you know, again, much like cruisers, it’s to go scour the globe and maybe find the girls that are out there doing this that no one’s heard of, that no one has seen, that are like these diamonds waiting, and bring them up. And let’s see what they can do, and entertain people with the tournament, and let them be exposed to this new talent. And at the same time, just massively increase the opportunity and the talent pool for us, and for everyone, really.”

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