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Triple H Discusses WWE Locker Room Full Of Hungry Talent

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Triple H's latest weekly kayfabe interview with Michael Cole is now online. Below are the highlights:

Cole asked Hunter about "boasting and gloating" about Rollins at Hell in a Cell on Raw but Randy Orton RKOing Rollins. Triple H said they would handle it interally. Cole reminded Hunter that's what he said last week. Triple H said cooler heads will prevail and he has it under control.

Regarding John Cena being asked to join The Authority, Hunter talked about it getting harder each year. He reminded Cole, orange jumpsuit aside, he didn't know what it was like to be in the ring. Triple H asked how much easier would it be if he just played ball with the Authority. He said Cena is everything they want with the face of WWE but he always has to do things his way. Triple H said if you handle things right you end up like him. He said there was a time when he was becoming a thing of the past but now he's the future.

Cole said Team Authority vs. Team Cena [at Survivor Series] hardly seems fair because John Cena won't be able to get anyone to join his team. Hunter said Cena has every opportunity to make a team. If he doesn't, it's what he thrives on. John Cena versus the world. He said John can be very persuasive but so can he.

Michael Cole talked about Triple H being intimating and talked about what happened on Raw with Dolph Ziggler. Triple H said they could call it intimation or persuasion. At the end of Raw, Hunter said he didn't send anyone out there. He saw guys trying to make an argument where they stand. Hunter said he didn't have too [send anyone out]. What would Cole bet on? All those guys hungry to be buddies with John Cena or hungry to be the future? Triple H said he has a locker room full of guys to be the future.

You can watch the interview at this link or embedded in the video below:

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