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Triple H to Face Jinder Mahal in India?

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It appears that's Triple H will face Jinder Mahal at the WWE Live Event in New Delhi on December 9th. Recently on Twiter, Triple H issued the challenge to Mahal.

Later, Mahal responded to Triple H, saying it was his biggest match in his career, going on to accept the challenge.

It is interesting to note, the dates of December 8th and 9th, Kevin Owens vs Jinder Mahal were set to be the main events.

Zack Reacts: This is interesting. It makes me wonder if there is something more to Mahal dropping the title. It could just be he tweeked a shoulder and they took the belt off him to be safe, however, they're clearly trying to make it up to Mahal. Triple H is a HUGE match, even without the championship. You could say they're doing this more for the boost in India, but it feels like they're trying to make it up to Jinder.

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