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Triple H Hopes Hulk Hogan Will Be Welcomed Back To WWE One Day

Hulk Hogan

Triple H called into Greg and the Morning Buzz on Thursday and discussed whether or not WWE would have Hulk Hogan back and why he was fired. You can listen to the interview at this link but we’ll paraphrase the key points below:

Hunter hopes there is a day when Hogan will be welcomed back to WWE. He explained WWE had to show how they’ll react to things and they did what they had to do. Now, Hogan has to do what he needs to do to restore his public image. Triple H talked about people wanting to see someone on top fall and when they fall, they want to see them make a comeback. Hunter believes Hogan will one day be forgiven, make amends with the world and move forward.

Richard Reacts: I am kind of tired of this Hogan story. What he said was inexcusable and WWE, as a public company, had to react accordingly. I understand the comments were old but the audio leaking made them relevant. It wasn't Hogan's first public scandal and if we're honest, it probably won't be his last. He'll recover from this at some point and he'll always be Hogan.

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