Triple H Opens Up On If Daniel Bryan Could Wrestle In WWE Again

Triple H

Triple H did a interveiw with the wrap in regards to Bryan Danielson(Daniel Bryan) wrestling for the WWE again and if they would make and exception. Below is the quote:

"There can be no exception medically. If the belief is that he’s not healthy enough and there’s a risk [for him] to perform, then I don’t know why you’d allow him to step into the ring unless it can be proven otherwise. There will be no exceptions.

We have some of the best medical people in the world that work for us. Our wellness policy, our concussion programming, our protocols — Ill put them up there against any on the planet.

That is a new science in a way, too. So we’re gonna look at it from all aspects, but the medical experts will make the determination as to whether he can ever step into that ring or not.

Look, personally for him, I know it would be something he would love to do, and part of me feels like I hope he has that opportunity. But at the same point in time, he’s married and has a child. Certainly, [we put] the human being first."

Thomas Reacts: This is another one of those carefully worded comments by a head of a large corporation. If you read it closely you see things such as " will make a determination" and "can or can't". WWE and anyone with the company who has commented one this recently has been leaving more and more hints that there may be a chance.
I feel and as we touched on in this weeks premium that Bryan walking away at the end of the summer will be a blow to Wwe as he brings credibility to which ever company he chooses to work for next. WWE does not want to help out giving anyone one if the biggest stars in the business. On the same note, WWE is honestly not only concerned for his health but has to back the doctors that they have on payroll and trust the decsions.

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