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Triple H Reveals What Kept Finn Balor Off Main WWE Roster

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Finn Balor

Triple H felt that Finn Balor had to learn how to talk before being called up to the main WWE roster, a call-up that finally happened this year but was cut short when he suffered a torn labrum during a match at SummerSlam against Seth Rollins.

Here’s what Hunter told

"Guys have things to learn along the way," he added. "Unless you've done this, you can't understand the difference in what the television product is at a Wrestlemania level, to a Raw level, to an NXT level. We're trying to create that product.

"Finn Bálor is a guy that came in from an indie group -- so successful, a great in-ring performer, but had never really talked much. The first NXT event we did, he looked at me afterwards and was like, 'Dude, my mind is blown, because I never once thought where cameras were, or any of the other things that we do.’”

Balor, 35, is primed for a top role on the Raw roster and the rocket pack was strapped and ignited at SummerSlam but a reckless power bomb onto the barrier by Seth Rollins left him out of commission.

Vince McMahon has wanted Balor on the main roster for quite some time but Triple H knew they had to be careful because Balor is credited for helping to build the NXT brand. That's the point of contention between Vince and Hunter with NXT is that Vince wants it to still help churn out new talent for the company. Vince has been very pleased with the success of NXT as the brand but also he doesn't want it losing its core focus of readying talent for Raw and/or Smackdown.

Balor is expected back by Wrestlemania 33 in April.

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