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Triple H Talks Lita Induction, Big WWE Network News, Puts Over Cesaro

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This week's kayfabe Triple H interview with Michael Cole is now online.

Cole opened by apologizing to Hunter, Stephanie McMahon and the WWE Universe for "his actions in this forum last week." He said he overstepped his bounds and pushed him on questions he shouldn't have. Triple H said he appreciated the apology but it was unnecessary because he was just doing his job. He would just ask in the future for him to be respectful of his "position of COO" and understand he cannot share everything in regards to business. Hunter reiterated he should ask him the hard questions but just be respectful of his role.

Triple H talked about Lita being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He confirmed for the first time ever the WWE Network will be showing the 2014 Hall of Fame induction ceremony live in its entirety. He ran through the inductions of The Ultimate Warrior, Jake Roberts and the aforementioned Lita.

The questions shifted to Batista, who Cole said would be in the Hall of Fame when it's all said and done. Cole said it seemed at Raw on Monday that Batista didn't seem to like Hunter's management style. Hunter called Batista a "hot head" and said they used that to their advantage in Evolution. He said he doesn't know if he's that upset of his management style because he got just what he wanted in Alberto Del Rio at Elimination Camber. It'll be up to him whether or not he's the same Animal he was four years ago.

Cole brought up Randy Orton's losses to John Cena and Daniel Bryan. Hunter said he wasn't disappointed but it wasn't ideal. Triple H said Cesaro might be his toughest challenge yet. He said he's the guy no one is going to see coming and if anyone takes him lightly, Cesaro is good enough to walk out of Elimination Chamber the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H talked about Randy having the weight of the world on his shoulders headed into the pay-per-view. His job is to make everyone better and this whole process is to make Randy Orton grow and become better. He pointed to Orton's growth on Raw and said let's see if he grows and walks out of the Chamber WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Cole said if Orton doesn't grow and win the Elimination Chamber if whoever does go over, would Hunter consider him the new face of WWE? Hunter said absolutely he would view the winner of the Elimination Chamber the new face of the company.

You can watch this week's kayfabe Triple H interview at this link or embedded in the video below:

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