Trish Stratus Discusses Wanting To Face Kharma, WWE '12, More


The official WWE website recently interviewed Trish Stratus, who discussed her inclusion in WWE '12, her opinions on Divas such as Kharma, The Bella Twins, Natalya, and more. When asked if being included in her first video game was a big deal, she responded, "Huge. Like the craziest moment ever. I think I was more excited watching me in the game than I was watching the Raw playback when I made my debut." When asked about possibly being interested in stepping into the ring with Kharma, Stratus replied:

"Oh, completely. When she debuted, I think it was one of the first times since I retired where I would have dropped it all to go back and step into the ring with her. That would have been an epic rivalry. I would have loved to have wrestled her. Hopefully, she'll come back so the WWE Universe can see more of her."Click here to read the full interview.

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