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Trouble In Paradise, HBO At "Accountability Crib," WWE Champion Titus O'Neil?

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Trouble in Paradise

Take a look at Kofi Kingston's finisher, Trouble in Paradise, in a new clip posted here on YouTube. You can also watch it in the video embedded below:

HBO at "Accountability Crib"

HBO Sports was at Diamond Dallas Page's "Accountability Crib" last weekend filming footage. The "Accountability Crib" is located in Atlanta, Georgia and has played an integral part in sobering up Scott Hall and Jake Roberts.

WWE Champion Titus O'Neil?

Titus O'Neil Tweeted a cool photo with a WWE title belt that you can view below:

">@VinceMcMahon I Will be

"Intelligence is the Application of Knowledge"- @VinceMcMahon

I Will be @WWE Champion 1Day

— Titus O'Neil (@TitusONeilWWE) August 10, 2013

">@WWE Champion 1Day

— Titus O'Neil (@TitusONeilWWE) August 10, 2013

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