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Tuesday Afternoon News Update: Chuck Liddell Wants WWE Match, Asuka Injury Update, Why Riddle & Belair Were In Brooklyn

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TMZ Sports recently caught up with Chuck Liddell and the former UFC Champion expressed interest in joining WWE for at least one match. 

The former champion also stated he was retired from UFC.


It appears that Asuka injured her wrist last week and although she had to miss her showcase matchup with Shayna Baszler on Raw, she is still expected to compete this Sunday in the Elimination Chamber.


As we noted yesterday before Raw both Bianca Belair and Matt Riddle were in Brooklyn yesterday for separate reasons. Belair was there to celebrate the Street Profits first championship win.

There is speculation that Riddle was in Brooklyn to tape something for the WWE Network. It is unsure at this time what it was that he may have been taping. 

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