Twitter War Breaks Out Between Vickie Guerrero & Karen Jarrett


Vickie Guerrero and Karen Jarrett have engaged in a Twitter war and while I normally do not find Tweets particularly newsworthy, it's Friday and news is winding down for the week. The whole thing started when Vickie Re-Tweeted one of her followers last night that wrote:

RT @KarenJarrett = @ExcuseMeWWE #TNAAwful.

Without responding, Karen Re-Tweeted one of her follows that wrote:

RT @ExcuseMeWWE How is @karenjarrett copying you when she was on tv way befoe you ever was.

Karen then wrote Oh these twitter games....... and Funny 2 me...2 people retweet 2 tweets & look at all the attention! LOL.

The follower that Karen Re-Tweeted is actually wrong about Karen on TV before Vickie as Vickie debuted on WWE television in 2005 while Karen didn't debut on TNA TV until 2007. Nonetheless it looks like we have a program if either woman decides to jump ship.

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