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Twitter War: Hulk Hogan vs. CM Punk, Bully Ray vs. Harper & Rowan

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Hulk Hogan and CM Punk have been going back and forth after Hogan reportedly made comments about the Chicago Blackhawks during an appearance on ESPN. Punk responded to Hogan in this video:

Hogan and Punk then continued to exchange comments on Twitter:

">June 9, 2015


— Coach (@CMPunk)

You mispronounced the team captains name and didn't even know the coaches name. You're a hack.Shut the fuck up or I'll wreck you @HulkHogan

— Coach (@CMPunk) June 9, 2015

">June 9, 2015

On a related note, Bully Ray called out WWE for allowing Luke Harper and Erick Rowan to use 3D as their finisher, as seen on Monday's Raw. You can read the tweets below:

">@WWE, if ya wanted the DUDLEY DEATH DROP hit THE WAY it should be, ya should have had the BALLS to call us. #RAWNewOrleans

— Bully Ray (@REALBully5150) June 9, 2015

">@WWE @TestifyDevon Anytime, anywhere...we would enjoy showing you THE WAY.

— . (@LukeHarperWWE) June 9, 2015

CJ: What a way to start the week, huh? CM Punk has always been outspoken, and his comments towards Hulk Hogan do not surprise me, but I do find it rude. I doubt anything will come out of this, and I'm sure Hogan isn't done calling out Punk.

It looks like Bully Ray is still angry maybe about not being signed with WWE? I have no problem with Harper and Rowan using 3D, as I think they need a finisher. There are already questions about this conversation being a work, which could lead to Harper & Rowan vs. Team 3D. I'd suggest SummerSlam is the place to do it.

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