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Update on Kenny Omega; Another John Cena Photo Tease

Kenny Omega

Yesterday, we announced that John Cena had posted a photo of Kenny Omega on his Instagram account much in the same way he did with AJ Styles one year ago and just before AJ's debut at the Rumble. This fueled rumours that Omega is set to debut at the Royal Rumble but we still have a lot of skeptics. Just recently, Cena posted another photo that teased an appearance in the WWE by Kenny Omega as well.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer seems to refute those rumours, claiming that Omega's NJPW contract expires after the Rumble anyway and he expects him to show back up in Japan around March. There is speculation that Omega has already re-signed his NJPW contract but everything is only at a rumour stage right now.

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