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Ryback Injury Update - Hospitalized With Severe Staph Infection

WWE has provided an update on Ryback's injury that will prevent him from competing at WWE Battleground:

UPDATE: has learned that Ryback was diagnosed with a staph infection following Monday Night Raw. He was admitted to a medical facility, where he is currently undergoing treatment. Though the infection is severe and will be keeping him out of action this Sunday, he is expected to make a full recovery in the coming weeks.

Ryback also spoke out about his condition on Twitter:

After Raw Monday I woke up Tuesday morning before some media appearances with a severe staff infection in my right knee. I was brought to a Hospital and put on strong antibiotics and had 90 cc of fluid drained out of knee in a 24 hour period. We caught it in time thanks to the Great WWE medical team and I will make a full recovery. Will be kept in the hospital for several days and I will not be able to defend my Intercontinental Championship this Sunday. I am sorry to all my fans and the WWE. I will be back shortly, but I have to get this corrected. Correction for the spelling bee champs out there staph infection #meathead

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