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Update On Upcoming Trish Stratus Film; Batista's Film Added To Cinemax On Demand Channel

-Wrestling News World reader Jeff sent word that Trish Stratus' upcoming movie, Bounty Hunters, is scheduled for a February 28 release. The synopsis of the film on the official Trish Stratus website reads:

A group of down-on-their-luck bounty hunters, led by Jules Taylor (Trish Stratus), hit the jackpot one night when they pick up an informant with $100,000 on his head. But their world is turned upside down when mob boss Hal Lambrino (Joe Rafla) and his impressive associate Ruby (Andrea James Lui) offer them a million dollars in exchange for the informant.

Click here for more information.

-Cinemax has added Batista's upcoming movie, House of the Rising Sun, to the Early Premiere section of their On Demand channel, allowing subscribers to view the movie before it airs on Saturday night at 10 PM ET. In addition, the movie will also be made available on the channel's Max Go App. (Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Shannon for sending this in.)

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