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Update On Sheamus Following Injury Angle On Raw

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Michael Cole gave a kayfabe injury update on Sheamus during this week’s episode of WWE Main Event.

Cole stated on the WWE Network broadcast that Sheamus suffered a left cervical neuropraxia (a stinger in his arm), bone spurring, narrowing of the spinal canal, narrowing of the nerve canal and nerve compression in his neck as a result of Mark Henry putting him through the announce table on Monday Night Raw. Cole teased a further update on this week’s episode of Smackdown or next week’s episode of Raw but said he wouldn’t be in action on Sunday.

While some were questioning if Sheamus was legitimately injured on the spot, I’m told he’s actually been working banged up. I am currently unable to confirm if he was written off due to a legitimate injury or because he’s tapped for a heel turn. Obviously there are questions surrounding both possibilities but the update Cole read on Main Event — the injury was due to the table spot — was kayfabe in nature.

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