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Updated Traditional WWE PPV Buys Through Survivor Series

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WWE updated their Key Performance Indicators on December 18, 2014. As part of the release, it’s noted that Survivor Series did approximately 103,000 traditional pay-per-view buys.

What’s interesting about this number is the show was available for free on the WWE Network. You can view all of WWE’s latest Key Performance Indicators at this link.

Below are the updated traditional pay-per-view buys since the inception of the WWE Network:

Wrestlemania XXX – 690,000 buys
Extreme Rules – 108,000 buys
WWE Payback – 67,000 buys
Money in the Bank – 122,000 buys
WWE Battleground – 99,000 buys
SummerSlam – 147,000 buys
WWE Night of Champions – 48,000 buys
Hell in a Cell – 76,000 buys (estimate)
Survivor Series - 100,000 buys (estimate)

The reason we aren’t listing the pay-per-views before Wrestlemania in the table is because they do not draw fair comparisons because of the evolution of the WWE Network. However, Royal Rumble did 467,000 buys and Elimination Chamber did 183,000 buys.

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